Biocatalysis Capability in Synthesis & Process Development

Enzyme Kit  (PAL, TAL, PDH, FDH, MO, MAO, KRED, Transaminase, 

Nitrilase, Acylase, Lipase, Esterase, Protease, etc.)

Research cycle:
1. Set up reaction by High-Throughput device (24~48 hours for 96 reactions).
2. Analysis by HPLC, GC or UPLC-MS (2~6 mins for one sample).

High-Throughput Reactor
Several biocatalytic processes have been developed:
1. Biocatalytic processes may require control of a number of parameters for which an on-line RC1 system is used.
2. Bio-catalysis is a powerful tool for chemical transformations when coupled with our extensive experience in enzymatic process development.
Dedicated Manufacturing Equipment for Biocatalytic Process
Facilities and experience for manufacture using enzymatic processes, down-stream work up and product purification at all scales through to commercial volumes.
Enzyme Catalysis Research:
1. Discovery of Enzymes, Rational Design of Enzymes, and Directed Evolution of Enzymes.
2. Extensive experience in directed evolution and protein engineering technologies for improving the physical and biochemical properties of enzymes and proteins.
Production and Isolation of Enzymes:
1. Produce milligram to ton level enzyme catalyst;
2. Provide fermentation process optimization services.