EHS Management

Environmental, Health and Safety (EHS) is of utmost importance to Chiral Quest. We place safety first, paying attention to environmental protection, caring for employees' health, and to fulfill the company's social responsibilities. We ensure that all operations comply with national laws and regulations, ensure the health of employees, maintain the safety of the community and company property.

Safety Management

We fully implement the policy of "safety first, prevention, comprehensive management", and operate in accordance with the law. We adhere to the safety concept advocated by PSCI, we are committed to achieve the goal of zero injury, form an advanced safety culture, and we are constantly improving the level of safety management. We regularly carry out safety training for employees to improve the safety awareness of all employees. We have set up a EHS team dedicated to safety, which conducts regular internal inspections and proposes reasonable plans to reduce safety risks at the source.

Environmental Protection and Innovation

Chiral Quest has safety as a top priority, and at the same time, increasing our environmental protection efforts. By team work, we have developed a sewage treatment system and exhaust gas treatment system suitable for our manufacturing situation. In addition, we are committed to the development of environmentally friendly processes, to achieve minimal pollution, lower cost.

▶  MVR-treatment of High Salinity Wastewater, treatment capacity 50 ton/day

▶  Biochemical system-sewage treatment capacity 500 ton/day

▶  Efficient tail gas absorption system

▶  On-line detection system​

Employee Health Management

Chiral Quest regards employees’ health as a business imperative. We provide medical examinations for our employees on a regular basis, and full personal protective equipment (PPE) to strengthen personal protection and reduces the risk of occupational diseases. Chiral Quest has established a good and safe working environment, so that employees can work and grow in a positive environment.
EHS Certificates
ISO 14001
Class II Certificate of work safety standardization
ISO 45001

EcoVadis Silver Medal