Flow Chemistry Capability 
in Synthesis & Process Development
Flow Chemistry Capability
1. Capacity for  the flow chemistry process optimization by the continuous flow reactor.
2. Capacity for  the whole process optimization combining flow and batch chemistry.
Examples of developed flow chemistry processes

Lab scale Continuous Flow Reactor

1. Designed Temperature: -15~200 °C. Designed Pressure: 0~5.5 MPa. Various types of reactions can be performed.

2. Flow Rate: 0.1~100 mL/min. Reactor Volume: 8.8 mL~88 mL. Gram to kilogram reactions can be performed.

3. The liquid-liquid, gas-liquid and other continuous flow reactions can be performed.

Continuous Flow Reactor
Temperature Control System
Charge Pumps
Gas-Liquid Separation
Tubular reactor for commercial manufacturing
1. Appropriate equipment and capacity for manufacturing with flow chemistry and related batch chemistry.
2. Manufacturing experience of more than 1000 kg by flow chemistry process.

Glass lined Reactor and Tube
Tubular Reactor & Pump